Affordable carpet cleaning services on the Sunshine Coast

Improve the look and feel of your home or office with a professional steam clean for your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our experienced carpet cleaner is committed to creating a healthier living and working environment for you and your family.

To reduce carpet and upholstery stains, our hot water extraction can get the job done fast. If your carpet is water damaged, don’t give mould a chance to establish itself. Contact our technician today and we’ll restore your carpet back to its original condition.

Living Room — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Restore old carpets back to former glory with a steam clean from Range Carpet Care. While a regular vacuum may draw out dust and dirt, a carpet clean from our technician can eliminate harmful allergens and prolong the life of your fabric. A professional clean also reduces trapped odours that can be caused by mould and bacteria growing inside your carpet fibres.

Head to our gallery to see some before and after photos. You won’t believe the difference a professional carpet clean can make to your home!

Cleaning — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD
Commercial Carpet Cleaning — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD

Commercial Carpet Clean

Make a great first impression with your customers and hire Range Carpet Care. Clean carpets also contribute to a healthier workplace for your employees and can prevent early fabric deterioration. We’re experienced at professionally steam cleaning carpets in large showrooms, multi-storey offices and apartment buildings.

Stain Removal

Reduce nasty stains and odours quickly with a professional carpet and upholstery clean. Don’t wait for stains to set in your carpet fibres. When spillage occurs, be sure to remove excess liquid by gently sponging the stain. Our technician can reduce tough red wine and coffee stains with a hot water extraction. The sooner you contact us for stain removal treatments, the better chance we have to completely eliminate the stain.

Stain Removal — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD
Water Damage — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD

Water Damage

If your carpet or rug has suffered water damage, there is an increased risk of mould developing in the fibres. This can result in an allergic reaction or potentially cause long-term respiratory problems. Hire our experienced technician to restore your carpet today. We’ll effectively dry out and disinfect your carpet quickly to prevent mould.

Brolly Carpet & Upholstery Protection

A fabric protector is the easiest way to repel oils and water based stains from permanently setting into the material fibres. We’re proud to be a licensed applicator for Brolly Carpet & Upholstery Protection. For new furniture, we offer a 5 year warranty so you can trust that your carpet, rugs and upholstery will stay fresher for longer.

Upholstery Protection — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD
Pre-Vacuuming Carpets — Carpet Cleaning in Mapleton, QLD

Pre-Vacuuming Carpets

Pre-vacuuming carpets is a vital component of the cleaning process and will help ensure you receive the best possible clean for your home. When water is applied to the dirt in the fibres, it turns into mud and can make cleaning difficult. Our commercial grade vacuum cleaner removes dirt, dust, sand, hair and crumbs to prepare your floor for steam shampooing.